Finding the right supplier is important for the success of any project. At DECA Corporation, we offer you quality products at competitive prices. With our experience in developing automotive components we promise to do our best to supply high quality parts and offer our best services to develop the relationship that is needed to succeed in any situation. 

 Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Electrical components


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We seek to provide superior quality products through constant innovation in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction. 

Our quality policies

  1. Increase customer satisfaction ratings
  2. Manufacture zero-defect products through quality check-ups
  3. Continuously improve products through quality management

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

DECA Corporation

Our goal is to become a global leader in automotive technology. By setting our goals towards the future we continue to develop and improve our products for our customers. We continuously push ourselves to be creative and challenge the unknown as we move towards the 21st century. 

To fulfill our dream of becoming a global leader we have facilities located around the globe and we are still continuing to grow. Currently we have 14 facilities and more than 1,600 employees.